Redefining Engineering
Sales Demonstrations

In a perfect world, you would demonstrate your product or solutions in context. On-site and in-person, with the right expertise in the room, every time.

But we know, that's rarely possible.

Simmerse combines the personal engagement of face-to-face meetings with the flexibility, customisation, and analytical power of modern technology.

Access Methods

Build once and easy to deploy your experiences through desktop browser and VR headsets.

Web Browser

Desktop or Large Format

VR Headset

Meta Quest 2+

Simmerse Core PlatformFeatures & Benefits

Icon Easy to access

Easy to Access

By default, a Simmerse experience can be accessed through a web browser or a Meta Quest VR headset.

Meeting hosts log in to access additional tools, while guest access can be managed and restricted through the admin area.
Icon Shared Experience

A Shared Experience

All users in a Simmerse experience are networked, ensuring everyone is synchronised and engaged simultaneously.

In Simmerse, users can see each other as avatars and communicate via traditional video chat, accessible through both web and VR.
Icon Control

Complete Host Control

Our suite of controls enables Simmerse hosts to fully engage guests by curating and leading the experience.

Features like 'follow me' allow hosts to guide the meeting, while 'free roam' mode gives guests the freedom to explore independently.
Icon Communication

Communicate & Demonstrate

Simmerse offers various features to ensure a deep understanding of your products and solutions:

- Display presentations and videos on designated media walls
- Animate or explode objects
Information hotspots and labels
- Dynamic zoom, rotate, and hologram x-ray views
- Special effects and simulations
Icon Support

Supported For Success

The Simmerse cloud infrastructure is purpose-built for XR, ensuring seamless operation of all technical aspects.

Additionally, we offer dedicated email support and downloadable analytics.
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Easy to Scale

Start simply with one of our ready-made environments, or customise your own. Simmerse is designed to be flexible and scalable, adapting to your evolving needs.
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Book a demo

Book a 30 minute demo to see how Simmerse can transform sales and demonstrations in your organisation.

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