The Framework

Experience the future
of virtual engagement
with our innovative,
flexible framework.

Features & Capabilities

Effortlessly adapt our features for a variety of platforms and use cases.

Experience the boundless potential of virtual engagement with our platform, empowering you to connect with your audience in innovative and meaningful way.

Unlock endless possibilities with your virtual experience

Expand the reach of your virtual engagement with Simmerse: a versatile platform suitable for a wide range of use cases.

On-demand, one-time use

1 to 1 Meeting



Cross Platform

Experience the power of cross-platform virtual engagement with Simmerse.

Mobile and
Tablet Devices

Desktop / Large Format

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Core Features

Analytics & Metric gathering

Gain valuable insights into your audience’s engagement with our Google Analytics integration, which tracks key metrics such as session duration, content interaction, location, device usage and more.

Single Sign On

Effortlessly manage user access to your gated virtual experience with Single Sign On (SSO) integration.

Video and Text Chat

Elevate your virtual communication with real-time video and text chat, a valuable tool for presentations and collaboration with customers or colleagues.

Integrated Content

Enhance your virtual engagement with a diverse range of content types, including presentations, video, interactive 3D, documents, images, animated infographics, and voice narrative.

Event Control

Streamline your event management with our specialized functions, including countdown timers, content release schedules, agendas, automated guides, and live video feeds.

Host control tool

Elevate your virtual events with host-specific functionality, including user control, laser pointers, end session buttons, pause sessions, and user viewing options.

Networked Multiuser

Transform your virtual events into fully immersive metaverse experiences with the ability to accommodate up to 2000 concurrent users, avatars, name tags, and user types.

Screen Sharing

Maximize collaboration and understanding during video calls with the ability to share screens, both in the 3D environment and in a separate window.

Features coming soon

Admin area

Effortlessly manage and optimize your virtual experience with a backend dashboard that allows admin users to control settings, manage users, and view analytics.


Elevate the personalisation of your virtual experience with customisable avatars for your users.

Content Customisation

Easily update and customize your virtual experience content with our in-platform editing capabilities for text, images, and video, with plans to expand to 3D content in the future.

CRM Connections

Soon you will be able to maximize the lead generation potential of your virtual experiences by integrating with popular CRM platforms and seamlessly integrating them into your marketing automation strategy.


Streamline your event management with our specialized functions, including countdown timers, content release schedules, agendas, automated guides, and live video feeds.

AI Chatbot

Soon you will be able to elevate your virtual engagement with AI-powered chatbots that can interact with users’ questions and comments, providing product or service information, and even modifying the 3D environment for enhanced explanations and responses.

Advanced 3D
Heatmap Analytics

Soon you will be able to gain deeper insights into your users’ engagement with heatmap analytics, offering powerful data and metrics.

MS Teams App

Soon you will be able to enhance your Microsoft Teams meetings with seamless integration of Simmerse, allowing you to switch to a virtual environment when needed.

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